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10,000 points
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5 Traffic links w/50 views
2 Headline Ad w/50 views
5 Hotlinks w/500
2 Login ad w/250 views


Billy Jones

With out question, admin at Solo Ads Plus is the most prolific at giving bonuses that I have had the occasion to witness. I've received so many solos, traffic links, hot links, banners and buttons that I don't know if I will ever be able to use all of them.

If you are the least bit active in clicking links at Solo Ads Plus, then you will never have to worry about having to even spend your credits to purchase ads placements. It is just simply outstanding.

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Sara Whitthread, UK

Actually I needed to do it long time ago. Do you know hard work pays on Soloadsplus? I never ever in my life won anything and was very surprised to win Super JV membership about only ... to be active.

Thank you admin.
So work hard and you will win too.

Klaus Biesel

I do use Soloadsplus and yes i am upgraded, because that makes so much sense to me and as you will find out for you too.

The Admins response is quick and the mailer works just perfectly.

Klaus Biesel
Journalist,Writer and Life artist:)

Andrew Bearce

I am so happy I found Solo Ads Plus. The solo ad services have made my advertising highly effective. The generous promo codes and credit rewards have made it easy for me to continue getting excellent results, time and time again, especially from the solos. Most other solo ad services charge a considerable amount of money for sending out solo ads. Not Solo Ads plus. It's affordable, quick and easy.

I return regularly to SoloAdsPlus for my advertising needs, and feel so strongly about them that I have started to advertise for them as well. I would tell all my advertising friends and associates about Solo Ads plus. You should join and consider upgrading to begin benefitting from their advertising services. Don't forget to add your links, banners, buttons and login ads, these are also very effective. My own exchange has benefitted greatly through the advertising here.

Keep it up Solo Ads Plus, and thanks for introducing me to Tiger Solo Ads Plus, with all the same great features. Working with both sites in tandem doubles my results!

Andrew / Emotive
Artist, Musician, Entertainer
Elite Affiliate Member at Kingdom Hits

Jeff Greene

Solo Ads Plus is a fully-appointed premium marketing platform that is run by an exceptionally talented and friendly Admin team that always over-delivers on it's promise to give its' members the very best of the best!

I feel that Solo Ads Plus is truly worthy of the highest praises for the excellent and efficient tools that it offers, along with a consistantly inspiring flow of bonuses, innovatons and upgrades.

The first few days after I signed up for Solo Ads Plus saw me actually enjoying the task of advertising my links and programs with an ease and confidence that I had not experienced in quite a while!

I am more than happy to tell everyone I know about Solo Ads Plus, because I believe that this site will prove itself to be a very valuable asset for anyone who is seeking to add real value to their arsenal of marketing and advertising resources!

Sanjeev Suri from INDIA

Smooth as a sundae functioning is what sets SoloAdsPlus apart from its rivals.

No getting stuck on a page and quick download of adverts is indeed a PLEASURE [ capital letters intended to stress my point ].
I am truly enamored [ in love ] with this website !



Linda Saville Trempe

I just joined Solo Ads Plus while doing a big campaign to promote a brand new biz op and it's a great site. There're lots of extra points & advertising that can be claimed by finding the hidden pictures and many promo codes that get lots of free ads and points.

The site is easy to navigate and the Admin, Dawn, is a joy to work with.

I give Solo Ads Plus a 5 Star Rating!

Steve Keenan | SmartAdsPro Owner

A great and fun site with tons of ways to advertise & earn extra bonuses!


I've just register to this site and find out that it has many bonus to its members. I feel very grateful to my referrer by showing me this site. Every internet marketer should use this site for promoting purposes.

Yes, I believe Solo Ads Plus will help me very much in my promoting effort.

Robert Hebel

I'm new at all this but now I've joined 4of your sites and so far I like them. I will keep you posted of any success I have using you sites.


Ella MMcallister

Great Site with lots of advertising options!

If you are looking for a great advertising site - you found it here! Inside are even more oppotunities for you to get great you ads out there and seen.

All New Members
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10,000 points
5 solo ads
5 Banners w/250 views
2 Button Ads w/250
2 Traffic links w/50 views
1 Headline Ad w/50 views
3 Hotlinks w/500
1 Login ad w/250 views

If you are looking for EFFECTIVE Solo Advertising...
Weekly Prizes that give you "FREE" Advertising...
MORE Traffic to your site...
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Then you've come to the right place!

To: All Internet Marketers
From: The Desk of Dawn & Freddy The Frog

What makes SoloAdsPlus so effective? Simple... due to my keen attention to details (plus with the help of Freddy Frog) and the need to help others succeed!

Freddy and I are here to help you with EFFECTIVE advertising and get your ADS noticed! I've been online for a long time (Freddy's new - but he's pretty smart!) and have a plethora of internet marketing knowledge just bursting to help others. Over the last 11 years, one thing STILL remains the same.. SOLO ADS are still the MOST EFFECTIVE means of advertising online TODAY!

What You Can Expect From SoloAdsPlus

  • Listening To My Members - In order to make SoloAdsPlus effective and successful for everyone, it's important to know what my members are looking for. I want to hear from you, cause your success matters to me! If you want new features let me know. I have a programmer in my back pocket -- (really I do -- he's not only my partner, but my husband too), so if you can think it, good chance he can create it!
  • Weekly Prizes and FREE Advertising - I just love to give, so be sure to watch your emails for lots of ways to get FREE advertising!
  • Responsive Admin - I take business and commitments seriously... so you'll never wait more than a few hours before I get back to you... (unless of coarse I'm sleeping.. yeah I do sleep)
  • Fresh Ideas and Strategies - At SoloAdsPlus, we think outside of the box, we look for New Ideas, New Strategies, New ways of doing the same thing but more effectively!

How Will SoloAdsPlus Work To Help YOU Succeed

  • All Solo Ads Are Checked By Admin. If it doesn't meet my approval, or if I feel there's room for improvement -- then you can bet that you're solo ad is getting sent back to you with suggestions. (I just don't see the point wasting your credits, if I know your ad won't pull results then I'll let you know)
  • NO Bulk Solos - In order to keep SoloAdsPlus effective and gain the CTR (Click thru Ratio) that I'm looking for (and the goal is higher than the standards); You will not receive tons of solos ads in your inbox all at once. Our Solo Ads are scheduled to spread out during the coarse of the day -- Which ensures that members have a chance to read your solo ads.
  • Duplicate Solo Ads - I do not ALLOW more than one solo ad a day to go out that is advertising the same program or launch. Why? That's Simple -- It's NOT effective and it's NOT fair to Advertisers or Members! So if you have a new launch and want to get the word out -- better do it fast as it's first come, first served!

Benefits With Your Membership

Get Quality Traffic Through our Text Ads, Banners, Traffic Links, HTML Ads, Header Ads, Cash Solos, PTC Ads, Set N Forget Solo Ads, Super Solos and Credit Based Solo Ads.

Use your earned credits that you earn from clicking on other members ads for your own advertising.

Post your ads daily. Free members can post up to 3 Ads per day, where as JV Partners can post up to 20 times per day.

Earn Prizes by visiting our members ads and increase your changes of winning TONS of ADVERTISING PRIZES!

Every Friday you get a chance to win FREE Credits, Solo Ads etc.,

Built in URL Cloaker.

Instant access to your affiliate tools. Promote your affiliate link and earn commissions today!

NEW Now you can send multiple Banners, Buttons, Hot links or Traffic Links with one click!

Plus a lot More!

LEAP into Action and get Started TODAY! -- Rib bit

To Your Success,

Rina Baxter

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